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Who we are

Service beyond expectations

LesConcierges is the world’s premier provider of global concierge services and solutions. We represent and enhance your brand to generate loyalty from your most valued employees and most treasured customers. More than just a service provider, LesConcierges is a strategic partner – we work with you to develop unique approaches and programs that deliver value and best suit your business needs.

Our Concierges are on the ground worldwide and supported by our state-of-the-art proprietary Global Concierge Technology system and our web-portal technology. They are highly trained, intuitive and discriminating. They turn aspirations into experiences, anywhere, anytime – with service beyond expectations.

Our team delivers a complete range of products and services, from luxury travel and dining, to event ticketing and planning. This is done by drawing on our dedicated, global network of the world’s finest and most sophisticated purveyors of lifestyle services. And it’s all provided in a way that transparently articulates and celebrates your brand, strengthening your valuable relationships and bringing you closer to the people that are most important to you.

At LesConcierges, your VIPs are our VIPs. It is our business and pleasure to serve them.

For More Than a Quarter Century…

Since 1987, LesConcierges’ global services and solutions have created loyalty and value by helping our clients:

  • Attract and retain the best customers and employees
  • Integrate all of the benefits of doing business with your brand into a single touchpoint
  • Increase customer spend and employee productivity
  • Develop events and experiences that enhance your brand
  • Differentiate through service and relationship building