employee loyalty Employee Loyalty

Employee Loyalty

Supporting employees, executives and company culture

Offering customized business and lifestyle concierge support to your highly valued employees and executives, allows you to positively impact their lives, enhance their workplace experience and improve your bottom line. In fact, Fortune Magazine
listed concierge service as one of “Top 10 Benefits” offered by its list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Partnering with LesConcierges allows you to accomplish the “Best Place to Work” value proposition with unparalleled effectiveness. Our strategic offerings decrease stress and reduce “burnout syndrome” by bringing balance and efficiencies to employees’ lives. Working together, we’ll help you increase loyalty and create a positive work culture around the world, 24/7, with the strategic delivery of personalized service and comprehensive offerings using our proprietary and flexible technology . Moreover, we do all this in a measurable way so you can see the ROI benefits as they unfold.

Aside from handling the “to-do” lists of tens of thousands of employees every day – from the simple to the extraordinary – LesConcierges is an expert at helping employees and executives get their jobs done. Our personalized approach includes building customizable packages, such as sabbatical programs, benefits integration, and reward and recognition programs.

Our professional Concierges deliver this unparalleled value using their highly developed skills and training to leverage our global relationships to handle every personal and business request. This is done through toll-free telephone access, our “white label” brand-supportive online portal, email or fax to one of our more than two hundred people on the ground worldwide.

Concierge care comprehensive offerings

LesConcierges is about serving you and your organization. Select the services that are most valuable to employees and beneficial to patients, and we’ll customize the program of your choice. Through our highly trained Concierges and far- reaching partnerships, we offer a world of flexible options, including:

  • Tickets – concerts, plays, sporting events, theme parks, and movies
  • Event planning – birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions
  • Travel and transportation planning
  • Dining reservations and food delivery
  • Personal services—spa, massage, beauty, and fitness
  • Gifts and flowers, purchasing and delivery
  • Mail, shipping and notary services
  • Short- or long-term pet care
  • Home services – house cleaners, landscapers, plumbers, and movers
  • On-site services – dry cleaning, car washing, and notary

Optional support services include:

  • Facilitate onsite events and functions
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Bell staff, greeters and discharge assistants
  • Parking concierges
  • Errand runners

Customized service delivery options include:

  • On-site concierge staff
  • 24-7 telephonic
  • Web based

National and local vendor partnership networks are managed as well as discount services and products.