MyConcierge Portal

Customizable, functional, user-friendly interface

LesConcierges’ customizable portal, MyConcierge, allows you to build your own website and effectively integrate the presentation of our offerings within your brand. This interface technology has unmatched breadth and depth of functionality and transactional capability. Designed to mirror the “touch” that our Concierges provide in person or on the phone, this “white label” web access point offers highly personalized services in an easy-to-use online format that transparently represents your brand.

MyConcierge features compelling offerings in many concierge service categories, including access to our global dining and spa networks, real-time ticketing functionality, and a full gifts and flowers catalog. It allows users to create an online profile to store personal preferences and make real-time transactions with our constantly expanding content and inventory. It can upload and work with you and your partners’ offerings, as well. Special programs and promotions, as well response and measurement capabilities, can be built into and featured on the site.

MyConcierge can “plug and play” with whatever web delivery systems you use – inside and outside of your organization. And it’s informed not only by the information you provide, but also by our own, proprietary Global Concierge Platform system, so it delivers highly relevant and up-to-date information, 24×7.