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Our Concierges

Unmatched talent, unparalleled commitment

At LesConcierges, we know that our people are not only our product, but they represent you as well. Our Concierges ultimately function as a direct contact between your organization and your most valuable relationships, so we make sure each and every one of us is trained and committed to delivering service beyond expectations.

Put simply, our Concierges are the industry’s elite. They’re the best at what they do, boasting advanced degrees and extensive, real-life travel and hospitality experience. To achieve this unique stable of quality personnel, LesConcierges employs a proprietary recruitment and training program; only four out of 100 candidates typically make it to the final stages of process.

Most important, our Concierges are skilled at getting to know and understand our customers. We do this using a combination of well-honed instincts and training, LesConcierges’ global network of service providers and our state-of-the-art technology systems that are designed to help anticipate and deliver what people want, when they want it. And it’s all done in a way that reflects a stellar light on your brand or company culture.

The Right Stuff

Our Concierges are trained to employ a contextual approach to a customer’s request that allows us to leverage our expertise and deliver genuine delight. When we talk about providing “service beyond expectations,” we’re referring to a set of guiding principles that support this approach to what we call “concierge touch.” These principles are:

Expand & Enhance: Our staff is trained to fulfill requests versus orders – what we provide are experiences. For example, a customer may ask for tickets to a sold-out event, but through our training and concierge expertise, the customer leaves with tickets, a dinner reservation and a car service to the event and back. Every interaction is an opportunity to build a stronger, enhanced relationship.

No Is Not an Option: We are trained not to say “no” to a customer request or accept “no” from a supplier. This does not necessarily mean that we can get you a dining reservation at the French Laundry tonight, but we can give you options and help educate you on alternatives. For example, perhaps the client would like to dine at Spice Market, which is one of the hottest restaurants in New York City – and where we happen to have a relationship with the General Manager.

Being a Concierge Is an Art, Not a Job: Fulfilling requests exceptionally and consistently requires quick thinking and creativity. Whether it’s the quality of our recommendation, the way in which we deliver on a request, or simply the way we relate to customers, our Concierges’ creativity and flair engage customers and build relationships.