our technology Technology Overview

Technology Overview

Invested in powerful technology

Over the last decade, LesConcierges has invested in technology platforms with the mindset of supporting a strategy of global growth. As a result, we’re able to provide a complete technology solution to support the delivery of world’s finest concierge service.

Supporting our proprietary Global Concierge Technology Platform (CRM) System, our robust relational database model has evolved to gather, integrate and make actionable a broad range of information – in real time. From call routing and request delivery, to reporting and program management, to measurement and analytics, our technology suite is designed to “plug and play” with existing systems to help you know and serve customers and employees in ways you never did before.

As for user interface, LesConcierges’ customizable portal, MyConcierge, allows you to build your own website and effectively integrate the presentation of our offerings within your brand. Content Management System (CMS) allows for extensive customization through an easy to use toolset. These permission-based tools allow content to be delivered and managed centrally, and bring to bear the entire value of our powerful SmartAgent system technology.

Our database platform

LesConcierges has invested in a robust relational database model to drive our concierge service. Our CRM system has evolved over the years to include:

  • Customer repository
  • Request management including history
  • Client management
  • Vendor network
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Concierge administration
  • Transactions

The database uses Microsoft SQL Server and is clustered to ensure maximum uptime and performance. Strict controls limit access to the database and as such are never exposed to unauthorized use.